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Document Better with Transcription Software

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Speech Recognition software has been shown to increase productivity and is faster than writing clinical notes. However, you may ask if the software impedes on the completeness and accuracy of the documentation. Blackley et al. found that dictated notes were longer (320.6 vs. 180.9 words; p=0.004) with more unique words (170.9 vs. 120.4; p=0.01) than written or typed notes. Additionally, there were less uncorrected errors or typos in the dictated notes, although most were minor misspellings.1 Thus, speech recognition software, such as Dragon Medical One, can increase the quality and completeness of one's records.

Blackley, Suzanne V., et al. "Physician Use of Speech Recognition versus Typing in Clinical Documentation: A Controlled Observational Study." International Journal of Medical Informatics (2020): 104178.

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