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Dragon® Medical One (DMO) For Mac

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Q: Does Dragon® Medical One (DMO) Support Mac?

A: Yes and No (But Mostly Yes)

Officially Dragon® Medical One (DMO) currently only supports windows, however, there are ways to run it on a Mac. Don't worry, we will tell you how......

Essentially the only way to run DMO on Mac is to run Windows on your Mac computer or to run a virtualized version of Windows on your Mac computer.

You've got options:

Option 1: Use products such as "Parallels Desktop" or "VMware Fusion" to run a virtualized version of Windows on your Mac computer.


  • Versatility: Runs in a virtualized environment (a window on your Mac) and you can easily switch back and forth between using Windows/DMO and Mac

  • Simplicity: Easy to setup

  • Support: Product support available from solution manufacturer (Parallels or VMware)


  • Cost: These applications cost money to buy ("Parallels Desktop" and and "VMware Fusion" both have versions that start at $79.99 (Note: with either solution you may have to buy a Windows license if you do not already have one.)


Option 2: Use "Apple Boot Camp" (for Intel-based Macs) to boot into Windows.


  • Free: Apple does not charge for "Apple Boot Camp" (Note: you may still have to buy a Windows license if you do not have one)


  • No switching: Must boot into either Mac or Windows (switching between the two involves a reboot)

  • Requirements: Must have an Intel-based Mac (not an older ARM based processor)

  • Complexity: More complex setup required


Rest assured that since DMO runs mostly on 'the cloud' the speed and operation of DMO will be almost identical to running it natively on a Windows computer.

Once you have Windows running on your Mac we can help you install and configure your Dragon® Medical One software at no extra charge (all setup and training is included in with your implementation fee).


Nuance®, Dragon® and the Dragon® logo are registered trademarks of Nuance Communications, Inc.

Mac® and the Mac® logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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