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Dragon Professional Vs. Dragon Medical One

Q: Why can't I just get the Dragon Professional which seems to be cheaper without a Dragon Medical One subscription?

A: Dragon Medical One is a lot more accurate and appropriate for medical professionals and here's why:

What Dragon Professional CANNOT do (that Dragon Medical One can)?

1) Dragon Profesional is not HIPPA compliant. Dragon Medical One is meant to be used for health data and complies with the most stringent industry standards for security and encryption and is fully HIPPA compliant.

2) Dragon Professional does not contain Medical Vocabulary for medical professionals and various specialties. It would take hours of training to teach Dragon Professional all of the medical terminologies that medical professionals use on a regular basis. Do you really have time to teach Dragon Profession all those medical terminology and drug names? I don't think so. Your time is too precious and is worth more than money can buy.

3) Dragon Professional is not designed and tested for EHR systems and does not work reliably with many EHR and medical record programs, including Genie Solutions, Best Practice, MedicalDirector, Shexi, Health Track, and Core Plus to name a few.

4) Dragon Professional can only be installed on ONE computer.

(Dragon Medical One can be installed on an unlimited number of computers - Med Speech Solutions gives free to all our customers a Dragon Anyplace USB Stick that contains the software to be used in any computer - Just Plug-In and Dictate!).

What Dragon Medical One DOES Offer You...

1) Included in the Dragon Medical One package is the Remote Training and Setup from our fanatical tech support team. This is important to ensure that we can customize the program to each Healthcare Professional's needs and maximize its power. We will make sure the program is properly installed on your machine, working correctly, and that you are familiar with its functionality and features.

2) Dragon Medical One can be installed on an unlimited number of computers for each user. Each Dragon Medical One subscription is on a per-user level. All one needs is their username and password to connect to the cloud. With a single subscription, you can use it in your office, exam rooms, and remote sites (nursing homes, hospitals, etc)

3) Dragon Medical One is more than just medical vocabulary. It has powerful phonetic and contextual information that allows it to be super accurate when transcribing. Dragon Medical One also includes accent detection with no training necessary.

4) Dragon Medical One has artificial intelligence learning technology that understands relationships between different medical terminologies and phrases that allow it to be even more accurate. Even if you can teach your Dragon Professional the medical vocabulary, it will not understand the relationship between the words.

5) Dragon Medical One is by far the most accurate and powerful version of Dragon as it is cloud-based and uses the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to process your speech patterns.

6) Dragon Medical One encrypts all audio files and is fully HIPAA-compliant to ensure security throughout the workflow.

7) Dragon Medical One offers rules to medically format your speech. Options include whether to abbreviate or not, degrees, percentages, and other common options.

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