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Turn your smartphone

into a secure wireless


PowerMic™ Mobile gives clinicians the freedom to complete clinical documentation using a smartphone as a wireless microphone

More freedom, the same PowerMic experience

PowerMic Mobile turns your smartphone into a secure

wireless microphone for use with Windows-based desktop

clinical speech recognition solutions. Optimized for use with

Dragon Medical One, Dragon Medical Network Edition, and

other Nuance healthcare solutions, PowerMic Mobile gives

clinicians the freedom to roam from workstation to workstation,

room to room, and location to location to complete clinical

documentation using a smartphone as a wireless microphone

at the desktop.

Plans starting as low as $79/mo. Implementation fee includes white-glove installation and training support.



PowerMic Mobile, Is included with your Dragon Medical One Subscription and simply be downloaded the in the Appstore (iPhone) or on Google Play (Android app)



Users log into any supported

PC and their smartphone

automatically pairs with the

workstation to provide wireless

connectivity for audio capture.



The smartphone’s microphone captures the audio and inputs it directly into the desktop Nuance speech recognition solution, functioning just like the PowerMic, including user programmable buttons.

PowerMic Mobile enhances clinician productivity and convenience with support for virtualized EHR deployments, user programmable buttons, and 256-bit encryption with end-to-end security over WiFi or cellular networks. Clinicians can now opt to use PowerMic Mobile as a complimentary input device, or as an alternative, to the PowerMic or other supported handheld  or headset microphone.

Features and benefits


Greater clinician mobility

Clinicians can complete their patient notes at any available workstation, with or without a hard-wired microphone, as soon as they meet with each patient.


Scalable and centrally managed

PowerMic Mobile is highly scalable so it can grow with your

organization and offers web-based central management for

configuring and managing user accounts and preferences


Works with virtual desktops

Desktop or thin client, at work or outside the office, PowerMic Mobile offers greater clinician mobility throughout the hospital, clinics, and at home with vendor-agnostic and endpoint- agnostic support for virtualized EHRs.


Automatic workstation pairing

PowerMic Mobile offers several intuitive mechanisms for pairing mobile devices with target applications, including Windows Login ID, Nuance Application Username, or token-based pairing


User programmable buttons

PowerMic Mobile make dictation easier and faster with programmable on-screen buttons to control audio capture, navigate templates, and effortlessly move through clinical documents for review and editing.Compatible 


Compatible with iOS and Android

App distribution via the App Store and Google Play Store significantly simplifies end user roll out.


Perfect companion to PowerMics

Support individual clinician preferences and workows

by offering a combination of hard-wired PowerMics and

PowerMic Mobile throughout the healthcare organization.


Optimized for Nuance solutions

Designed to work with any Windows-based desktop solution, PowerMic Mobile has been fully tested and optimized for use with Dragon Medical One, Dragon Medical Network Edition, and other Nuance healthcare solutions.


“ PowerMic Mobile has created a lot of enthusiasm around mobility and technology and, therefore, Dragon Medical and physician documentation.”


Dr. Stephanie Lahr

Chief Medical Information Officer

Kootenai Health


Subscription and licensing

PowerMic Mobile requires an active Dragon Medical One subscription. 


System requirements

Minimum device requirements include iPhone 5 (with iOS 8.0) or Android 4.3  with Internet connection and Windows 7+ PC.


Ready to take your documentation

to the next level? Contact your

Med Speech representative

or call 833-217-9633 to get

started today.

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